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Bot Commands

This page was made to ensure you're always up to date with the commands the bot has to offer while also knowing how to use them properly to enhance your experience while being part of the Group Essentials family.

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Admin Commands

/deleteticket - will delete a ticket immediately without transcripting, and ticket would be permanently trashed

/autorole - create button autoroles that users can click to add or remove roles you set.

/autoreact - set autoreacts for channels that you may like that will automatically react with the emoji to every message sent.

/autorole-remove - deletes a specific autorole you set on a message.

/autoreactlist - view all the channels the autoreact emojis are placed in.

/purge - delete [x amount of] messages in the channel you are executing the command

/adduser - add the user of your choice to the ticket channel you are currently viewing

/embed - custom create embeds directly from the home of your discord server without having to use external applications

/endgiveaway - end a giveaway early and select a winner

/giveaway -  start a very advanced giveaway system with more than 4+ options when creating a giveaway

/reroll -  reroll the giveaway winner.

/allpoints -  receive an automated csv downloadable sheet that contains the points and user id's of all your members that have points.

/keyword [add] [remove] [clear] -  the ability to set a specific keyword or phrase to be monitored in specific channels and ping a role, while also being able to delete specific and clear the entire list of keywords

/removeuser -  remove a user from a ticket

/shop addpoints -  reward a specific user any given amount of points

/shop reset -  reset a user's points

/shop resetall -  reset all user's points

/shop [additem] [removeitem] [editstock] [editprice] -  the ability to add items to your shop, remove certain ones, edit the stock quantity of items to limit purchases, and edit the price of certain items

/sucesspost [quantity] [logo imgur url] -  generate beautiful success collages with the ability of being able to add your own custom branding to it.

/staffactivity [user] - receive an activity report on the designated user you are searching.

still in the works, coming soon....🔨

/userinfo [user] - retrieve basic information about a user directly in an embed


/aco -  Will place an embed for users to submit the amazon freebies feature, and this will simply only send their results into a private channel so you could run their acc for freebies

/autoping -  Setup autoping configurations to your liking so for example if X user or X Role types in #sports-picks channel it will automatically ping the @Sports role the moment they type, can do this for as many configurations as you want

/autoping-list -  List all your autoping configurations

/autoping-remove -  Remove an autoping configuration from a specific channel

/boost -  Will display the prompt that will allow users to claim a specific timed role that you set which could be your premium role, and can only be claimed once per month and as long as they are a nitro booster, or any role you decide they must have in order to claim, could grant access to like a VIP lounge for example.

/create-command -  create your own ! commands or even auto responses so if a user types need help with proxies  the bot will automatically respond with the designated response you set

/delete-command -  delete any of your specific commands you have created or auto responses

/list-commands -  list all of your specific commands you have created or auto responses

/denyentry -  Set roles to completely lock down your community so that users that join without the role you set will automatically be kicked, revoking any spammers from joining

/denyentry-disable  -  Disable the denyentry feature which will allow all users to join

/denyentry-enable  -  Enable the denyentry feature which will not allow users to join the server unless they have the specific roles you set

/denyentry-removerole  -  Remove a specific role that you had set in your denyentry feature to allow this role to be joined with.

/denyentry-rolelist  -  List all the roles you have set for the denyentry feature which will not allow users to join unless they have these specific roles

/event  -  Will create a calendar based event that will allow users to opt in with a green checkmark button, and opt out with an x button, and the trash bin is only for admins which will delete the entire event, however users who opt-in will automatically receive a DM when that event is coming up, whether it be a sourcing call, or a release coming up.

/invitetoggle  -  Will now begin tracking users who are invited by other users and will give them 1 point per invite, and if that user leaves they will lose that point when they do so.

/points-import  -  If switching from a other provider you will be able to import all the success points data of all your users onto this bot

/poll  -  Create polls for your community or staff to decide on whether it be a staff meeting or different purposes.

/relay- [add] [destination] [list] [remove] [role] [roleremove]  -  Will allow you to create an entire relay system so that if you reply to a message with a role mention while having any of the required roles you set, it will copy and paste that same message and send it to your destination channel with the role you mentioned

/successdownload  -  The bot will grab the last amount of images you selected from the bot and DM you with a zip file of the amount of images grabbed from that channel you used the command in

/userscan [role]  -  Scan your entire server for users that do not have the role you input, so this will allow you to catch or find users who are lurking and do not have your required role criteria

/addtime [user] [days]  -  Will extend the [user's] whop membership by the amount of days you specify

/addrole [role]  -  Will add the role that you provide to all users who do not have the role already

/dm [role] [message]  -  Will DM all users who have a specific role a message that you type in the message box

Keyword Relay System  -  To set up a keyword relay, follow these steps:
      1. Obtain the Admin Role if you don't have it already. 
      2. Use the /keyword-relay command to configure keyword relays. You can specify the source channel, destination channel, keyword, and a role to ping when the keyword is mentioned. 
      3. Your keyword relay will be set up, and you will receive a confirmation.
      4. When a message containing the keyword is found in the source channel, it will be relayed to the destination channel, and the specified role will be pinged.
      5. To delete a keyword relay, use the /keywordrelay-delete command followed by the ID of the configuration you want to delete.
      6. To list all keyword relay configurations, use the /keywordrelay-list command.

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User Commands

/leaderboard - check the users who are within the top rankings of the server for success points.

/shop-buy - list all the items within the shop and be able to purchase items from the shop

/timeleft - users are able to check how much time is remaining within their 3 free days of the boost feature

/points - check how many points you have obtained from the success system.

/fees [payout]  -  users are able to put in the amount of money they would receive for selling an item and compare it to other platforms to see where they will get the most bang for their buck

/keyword list  -  the ability to see what channels have specific keyword monitors so that if something interests you, you can grab that role

/inventory [add] [import] [remove] [edit] [list] [clean] - the ability to add items to your inventory, import from a csv or excel, remove an item, edit an item, display your inventory, and clear out your inventory

/invites  - check how many invites you have, this is a new system coming soon where every person you invite you get 1 added point to the points systemstill in the works, coming soon....🔨

/invite-leaderboard  - check who has the most invites within the server

still in the works, coming soon....🔨

/help  - give yourself a better understanding of how all the systems work within the bot

/points  - check how many points you have accumulated 

/points [user]  - check how many points a specific user has

/selleramp [asin]  - view a detailed report on a product of your liking, kickstart your Amazon FBA/FBM career

/keepa -  Will allow your users to do product research on keepa

/pfp [user]  -  will retrieve the user's profile picture and give a link directly to access and download if wanted

/emoji-id [emoji] -  this is for all the people who create embeds themselves, or even work with developers, will automatically retrieve the emoji ID for you so that all you have to do is copy and paste.

/affiliate -  This will automatically generate a whop affiliate link for the user invoking the command as long as they have an active membership to your company

/feedback -  Allow your users to submit feedback to the server administrators whether it is a report on a member or leaving feedback on how they feel about your community, and has an anonymous feature which will allow the users to remain anonymous when submitting feedback

/food -  Allow your users to utilize the 35+ stores the food bot has to offer which will teach your users how to get unlimited free food, one example would be /food ubereats... etc.

/is-shopify -  Allow your users to check whether or not the site they are looking for more information on, is a shopify site or not which is used for botting purposes

/remind -  Will allow users to set personalized reminders for anything they'd like to set, whether its a shoe drop coming soon, or a Sourcing meeting call coming up, they will receive a DM 30 minutes before and 15 minutes before the event

/remind-delete -  Delete a personalized reminder you had set

/userkeyword -  Will allow your users to setup a personalized keyword pinger so that they can monitor specific keywords in the channels they create it in, and will receive a DM when that keyword is found and also be pinged in that channel

/userkeyword-delete -  Will allow your users to delete their own personalized keyword monitors

/userkeyword-list -  Allows the user to list their current keyword monitors they have setup for themselves

/variant -  Grab all shopify variants and stock for the product you are searching

/vouch -  will allow your users to submit a vouch on a user with a star rating and whether its a positive review or negative aswell as a text box for the vouch

/vouches -  Retrieve vouches on specific users and see their own personalized rating which is useful for marketplaces

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